James Sotelo gets into a groove on his BLAST of FAST album.

Somewhere between trance and pop are the bouncing beats
and supernatural melodies of Blast of Fast, the 13-song album
from Golosio Publishing, produced by John Scott G

With a background in rock bands and an interest in electronic music, James Sotelo was seeking a way to combine beats with guitar solos. His search led to hours of experimentation and a lot of noisy music before he hooked up with John Scott G of Golosio Publishing (www.golosio.com) who was exploring similar musical ideas under his recording name, The G-Man. With JSG co-writing and producing, Sotelo has created a thirteen-track ode to musical grooves entitled "Blast of Fast" (BoF).

The songs on BoF run the gamut from the lighthearted 2-minute opener, "Absolute Maybe" to the 10-minute epic "Juice of the Moon." In addition to a relentless rhythm section, the tracks are often layered with aural surprises, including funk guitars, sound effects, and choirs of heavenly and/or surreal voices. "The rhythms are close to trance, the chord changes are pop, and the tunes are supernatural," G states. "If chill is too soft and NIN is too hard, then the BoF album is perfect," he adds.

All 13 "Blast of Fast" songs are available on iTunes. Working with the FookMovie Collective, six music videos have been produced. They are all on YouTube and on the FookMovie site (in Quicktime). The striking BoF album cover was photographed by Snook with art direction by Phil Hatten Design.

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"When I first heard James Sotelo, I felt like I took ecstasy, climbed to the top of a tall building, and had some sort of religious experience."
-- Sheena Metal, MusicHighway

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About Golosio Publishing
In addition to G and Sotelo, songwriters working with Golosio include Doug Colosio and Scott Joss (country, Texas swing), and DJ Insane (trance), as well as country writers Greg Colosio, Dennis Barney, Jim Dyer, and Wayne Dean. Doug Colosio has written with Merle Haggard while Scott Joss has collaborated with both Haggard and Dwight Yoakam. Golosio music has been heard in commercials for Verizon Wireless, Goodyear, the Auto Club, Micron, General Dynamics, and numerous regional brands.

Media Contact:
John Scott G


'Evolution Destiny' video
(some nudity)

'Electrapezoid' video
(some nudity)

'11A, Ask for Chantal' video

(some nudity)

'Ahead of the Art' video

'Absolute Maybe' video

(some nudity)

'Shaker Depths' video

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